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Hair & Beauty Equipment, Products & Furniture at Wholesale Prices!
Basins, Styling Chairs, Trolleys, Workstations, Scissors, Dryers, Towels plus much more...

Large range of Beauty and Hair Equipment & Furniture! 
contact us at:enquiry@imagehairbeauty.com.au

Large range of beauty equipment
Wood Lamp = $85, Table Top Hot Steamer  = $79, Wax Pots Double  = $95, Parafin Wax Heater  = $99,
Hot Towel Cabinet =  = $279, Sterilizers  = $199, Slimming Massage Belt  = $79.

beauty bed Portable

B2 - Beauty Bed

Massage / Wax Bed

Portable Beauty/Massage/Wax Bed-B1
with adjustable head and head cushion and face hole
SALE! A$199! Was $289

 Beautyz/ Massage / Wax Bed- B2
SALE! A$299! Was $399

Beauty / Massage / Wax Bed
B3(top) adjustable head with head cushion and face hole
SALE! A$279 Was $369
B4 (bottom)
not adjustable with head cushion and face hole.


Ionic Facial Steamer with Timer                

Magnifying Lamp Padestal

10 in 1 - Multifunctional beauty Machine!

Ionic Facial Steamer
SALE! Various styles from A$95!

Magnifying Lamp Pedestal
SALE! A$159!  Was $229


10 in 1 - Multifunctional Beauty Machine!
SALE! A$1250!


Micromist Treatment

Hair Dryer

Rollerball / Climazone / Accelerator Pedestal
SALE! A$990 WAS$1590

Wall mounted - SALE $1190!

Micromist Treatment Pedestal
SALE Floor Stock only A$850!

Hair Dryer or Hair Steamer Pedestal
SALE! A$290! Was A$369.
Hair Dryer or Hair Steamer Wall Mounted
Wall Mounted - SALE! A$340!

Colour Accelerator

Ultra Light 

Climazone Hair Steamer Wall Mounted
Accelerator / Climazone Pedestal
in White or Black
SALE! A$1190! Was $1595
Ultra Light Pedestal
SALE! A$95! Was $159
SALE! Wall Mounted:
Climazone, Rollerball, Accelerator
Hair Steamer, Hair Dryer etc

Manicure Table MD1 - Fish or Kidney Shape
Manicure Table with side Trolley Cabinets & Ventilation Fan to draw out dust! - MD1
MD1 - in FISH or KIDNEY SHAPE. Approx dimension:  (120Lx60Wx75H)
SALE! A$399!

MD2-Manicure Table MD2 - Manicure Table

Manicure Table with Trolley & Vent - MD2 (tray on top not included)
SALE! A$439!

Manicure Table with Trolley & Vent - MD2
SALE! A$439!

MD3 - Manicure table MD3 - Manicure table
Manicure Table with Trolley & Air Vent & Hand Cushion - MD3 (including moveable tray on top!)
SALE! A$295! WAS $459
Manicure Table with Trolley & Air Vent & Hand Cushion - MD3 (including moveable tray on top!)
SALE! A$295! WAS $459

Parafin Wax Heater and Pedicure Stool

Pedicure Spa with Stool
Parafin Wax Heater SALE! A$99!
Parafin Wax Block only A$5! each (500g)!
Pedicure Stool SALE! A$95!
Manicure / Pedicure Trolley Chair SALE! A$129!

Pedicure Foot Spa + Massage with Stool (Top of Range Delux model!)
(with cup holders inside the flipable arm rests)

SALE! A$2590!

We are the home of supreme quality hair and beauty supplies. Our stock includes a wide range of beauty supplies from the most reputable brands available at affordable prices. We always update our catalog for beauty equipment, adding latest, and more efficient goods that match the industry standards.

When you purchase hair and beauty supplies from us, you benefit from doorstep delivery available across Australia along with after-sales service should you need any.

From wax beds to facial steamers, from slimming massage belts to hot towel cabinets, we have everything under one roof. We understand that as a salon owner, you have to cater to various types of clients and that calls for a variety of beauty supplies. We take pride in our extensive collection of products of the latest designs.

We source the goods directly from professional and reputable hair and beauty product manufacturers with no intermediary, which means, you can get amazing discounts and save money when you buy from us.

We want to help you serve your clients better with our high-performance hair and beauty supplies. Our delivery is quick and our prices are reasonable with no intermediaries whatsoever. Ordering is easy. You can call us, email us or visit our showroom to place your order.

Our store is open on Sundays as well for your convenience. Be sure to check out our new arrivals because fresh stock is always arriving in our store. We provide excellent customer service. If you are renovating your existing spa or salon or looking for new stock of beauty supplies to replace the old one, we are your one-stop shop for all types of hair and beauty supplies.


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