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Hair & Beauty Equipment, Products & Furniture at Wholesale Prices!
Basins, Styling Chairs, Trolleys, Workstations, Scissors, Dryers, Towels plus much more...

Full Range 100% Human Hair Extensions
In Straight, Wavy or Curly

(Hair pieces can be straightened, blow-dried, curling iron, cut, etc.)
Add Length, Volume and Highlight!!
(view Colour Chart)

Each pack contains 20 pieces prebonded 100% Human Hair pieces.
'I' Tipped Ready to Use in Both Pre-bond and Micro Ring Methods!
(from just A$0.75 cents per piece!)

100% Human Hair Extensions Starter Kits AVAILABLE!

Buy Bulk and Save $$$  !!SUPER SPECIAL!!

(17"-18" inches - 20 pieces per pack)

Only A$15 per pack (20 Strands)

(25"-26" inches - 20 pieces per pack)

Only A$20 per pack (20 Strands)

(Standard length in 17"-18" inch, for 25"-26" inch just add $5 per pack)

(We will BEAT any genuine advertised price for all Hair Extensions, Tools & Accessories)
We also have all other hair extensions accessories & equipment available!

Hair Extensions Kit and Full Range of Accessories

100% Human Hair Extensions100% Human Hair Wefts

Hair Extension Clips ONLY $0.70 cents each!!!
(Available in Black, Brown, Silver, Cream, Light Cream)

Hair Extension Clips

100% Human Hair Weft

100% Human Hair Weft SALE - approx 1/2 to 1 metre wide (shorter the width thicker the hair)
- only A$69! (17"-18" inches) - DON'T PAY A$399!!

25"-26" inches Human Hair Weft also available at amazing price
only A$110! (25"-26" inches) - DON'T PAY A$499!! EXTRA LONG!!

weftHair Extensions Weft
Hair Weft

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100% Human Hair Extensions Start Up Kits - All for only A$480!

Hair Extensions - Start Up Kit

1 x Hair Extensions Heat Application Iron Tool
1 x Hair Extension Glue Pot with Temperature Control
1 x Hair Extensions Glue Gun
1 x Set 100% Human Hair Colour Ring
20 x Multicoloured 100% Pre-bonded Human Hair Pieces
2 x Coloured Glue blocks
2 x Protective Section Discs
2 x Glue sticks in Clear and Black
1 x Bottle Hair Extensions Glue Remover
1 x Bottle Micro Rings (approx. 500 pieces)
1 x Hair Extensions Threaded Hook
1 x Hair Extensions Plier
10 x Finger Gloves
6 x Section Clips

* Special FREE Training Demonstrations on purchases of Start-Up Kit
(Save $$$1,000s, thousands of dollars in attending Training Courses!!)

* ALL for ONLY A$480!!!, with Over A$1000 Worth of Value!!


Large Range of Hair Extensions Tools and Accessories:

Micro rings
Hair Colour ring
Hair Extensions - Glue Remover
Micro Rings SALE!
A$13 Bottle(approx over 500pcs)
Hair Colour Ring
A$35 set! 
Hair Extensions Glue Remover
A$18 Large Bottle
Hair Extensions - Protective Discs
Finger Gloves
Hair Extensions Clips SALE!
Lg = A$0.70 / Sm = $0.50
Hair Extensions Protective Section Disc
SALE A$4.50 pack of 10
Protective Finger Gloves
SALE A$3.50 pack
Hair Extension Stand
Hair Extension Iron
Hair Extension Glue & Pot
Hair Extensions Stands SALE!
Style A - Free Standing or
Style B - Screw or Tape Mounted
SALE A$35!!! (WAS $89)
Hair Extensions Heat Iron
SALE A$69!!! (WAS $129)
Hair Extensions Glue Blocks - $9.50 each!
Hair Extensions Glue Pot with Adjustable Temperature and 4 Glue Blocks -
SALE $95 (WAS $180!)

Other Hair Extensions Tools and Accessories:
* Hair Extensions Plier = A$10
* Hair Extensions Protective Section Disc =A$4.50 (pack of 10)
* Hair Extensions Threaded Hook = A$5
* Hair Extensions Glue Gun = A$15
* Hair Extensions Clue Stick long in Clear or Black = A$3
* Hair Extensions Clue Stick Short = A$10 (pack of 12)
* Hair Extensions Glue Remover = A$18 Large Bottle
* Hair Extensions Heat Application Tool Iron = A$69!!! (WAS $129)
* Hair Extensions Glue Pot includes 4 Glue Blocks = A$180
and more... 


*** Mail Orders Welcome! ***


Usually arrives in approx 1-2 days!!! (subject to location)

To order, you can phone, email us or visit our showroom:

Phone: (03) 9318 2988 / 0433 124 180

Email: sales@imagehairbeauty.com.au

Showroom: 18 Williamson Rd, Maribyrnong VIC 3032

(We accept Cash, Bank Deposit, EFTPOS. nb. Credit Card(Visa, Mastercard) and PayPal will incur 3% Surcharge)

Our Banking Details:
Name of Bank: Westpac Bank
BSB No: 033005
Account No: 185156
Account Name: IMAGE Hairdressing Supplies & Furniture

Payment Methods

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Hair Extension Colour Chart


True Black, Natural Black, Dark Brown, Med Brown

1-Black            2-Dark Brown           4-Med Brown          6-Brown


    8-Light Brown     27-Gold Brown    33-Red Brown     60-White       612- Blonde


     613-Blonde     350-Copper Brown    118-Burgundy    140-Gold    144-Light Gold


 802-Green                   803-Blue                  804-Purple           805-Apricot


806-Dark Pink               807-Grey          808-Copper Gold      858-Lime


868-Yellow              878-Copper              888-Med Copper


1110-Pink            1100-Med Pink         3100-Med Red        3110-Red


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High Quality Assorted Style and Colour Wigs


Short Wig = A$49!
Medium Wig = A$59!
Long Wig = A$69!

Pony Tail Clip Ons = from A$19 to A$29

High Quality Wigs

Assorted Premium Quality Wigs

Italy Brushes
   High Quality Italy Brushes


To order, you can phone, email us or visit our showroom:
Phone: (03) 9318 2988(BH) or 0433 124 180(AH)
or send e-mail to:
or visit: 18 Williamson Rd, Maribyrnong VIC 3032 Australia.
Website: http://www.imagehairbeauty.com.au

We offer a full range of 100% human hair extensions. Available in straight, wavy and curly varieties, these can add volume and length and even highlight your clients’ hair. Our range consists of an extensive variety of hair colors to choose from.

Every pack comes with 20 pre-bonded hair pieces that can be blow-dried, straightened, cut and/or curled. We also stock starter kits of human hair extensions. If you are looking for hair products like tools and accessories for styling hair, we have a range of quality products to offer.

Our range of hair tools and accessories include:

• Hair extensions glue gun
• Protective section discs
• Hair extensions threaded hook
• Hair extension glue pot
• Hair extensions glue remover
• Human hair color rings
• Colored glue blocks
• Pre-bonded human hair pieces
• Micro rings
• Section clips
• Hair extensions pliers
• Finger gloves and many more

When it comes to price, we guarantee that we will beat any price shown in advertisements. Apart from 100% human hair extensions, you can also find other hair equipment, hair products and hair extension accessories here in our store.

We source the human hair extensions from reputable hair and beauty factories that make only authentic and quality products. There is no middle man involved in the process which means you get better discounts and direct savings. Image hair and beauty is a one-stop shop for high-quality hair products.

You can order online or visit our showroom and buy. You can also bring a trailer and load the hair products immediately.

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