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SilkmaX Salon Professional Styling HairCare Product Range

SilkmaX = Fruit + Plant

SilkmaX product range

SilkmaX product range

SilkmaX Colour Tint Tips

*Always skin test before application


  • No need to wash hair before applications.
  • Always recommend to customers, before colouring hair always gentle wash hair without scratching the scalp.
  • On scalp recommend only 10Vol to 20Vol and leave for 5-10mins.
  • For grey hair coverage use 10 Vol or can be mix with natural 2, 3 or 4(¼, 1/3 or ½) + desire colour.

Application and Processing Time

  1. Apply 5cm away from scalp and all the way to end, leave for 15-35mins.
  2. In the last 5-10mins apply on scalp.

Note: Processing time varies according to hair type.

For further details please refer to Colour chart or See inside Tint carton.


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