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Hair & Beauty Equipment, Products & Furniture at Wholesale Prices!
Basins, Salon Chairs, Trolleys, Workstations, Scissors, Towels, Hair Extensions plus much more...


All salon chairs comes with hydraulic star base as standard.
*Optional - Square and Round base extra A$20 and Footrest extra A$15.
(nb. Star base style as shown in C2, Square base style as shown in C28, Round base style as shown in C27, all other styles are display purpose only)

Some of our styling chair range, more styles in store now...
* Prices subject to change without notice.

C7 - Styling Chair
C17-Styling ChairC17-L51 - Styling Chair 
C4 - SALE! A$299
C7 - SALE! A$299
 C17 wood arm - SALE! A$299
Available in all Black
Available in Black and Wood Arm
 Available in many colours - Size approx W61 x D65 x H79/90
C2 - Styling Chair
C2 - SALE! A$269
C13 - SALE! A$299
C23 - Styling Chair           
C23 - SALE! A$369
Available in all Black, Brown with White Side
(with matching Basin BS1 and Waiting Chair D2)
Size approx 56 x 64 x 87
C24-styling Chair
C25-Styling Chair
C24 - SALE! A$369
C25 - SALE! A$299
  C23 - SALE! A$299 (in white/lime only)
Available in many colours
Available in many colours
Size approx - W68 x D60 x H85/96
C26-Styling Chair
C28-Styling Chair
C28-Styling Chair
C26 - SALE! A$299
C28 - SALE! A$369
   C28- SALE! A$369
Available in many colours
Available in many colours
   Available in many colours
Size approx - W63 x D61 x H84/95
Size approx - W65 x D57 x H76/87
C21-L53-styling Chair
C21-Styling Chair
C21-L50-Styling Chair
C21 - SALE! A$299
C21 - SALE! A$299
        C21 - SALE! A$299
Available in many colours
Available in many colours
            Available in many colours
Size approx - 63 x 67 x 84
Size approx - 63 x 67 x 84
           Size approx - 63 x 67 x 84
C10 - Brown
C9 C9
C10 - SALE! A$299
C8 - SALE! A$299
              C9 - SALE! A$299
Available in Brown or Black with Wood Arm
Available in all Black
 Available in many colours
C22 - styling chair
C22 - SALE! A$299
C32 - SALE! A$369
            C11 - SALE! A$299                      C3 - SALE! A$299
 Available in many colours
C33 - SALE! A$395
C31 - SALE! A395
            C30 - SALE! A$395                  C30 - SALE! A$395
Available in many colours
Available in many colours
C15-Y52+53-Styling Chair
C29 - SALE! A$299
C15 - SALE! A$299
                C16 - SALE! A$299                                        C6 - SALE! A$299
White chair with Wooden back support
Available in many colours
Size approx - 63 x 62 x 84
C27-styling Chair
C27 in black
C2-Brown-WhiteSide D2-WaitingChair and C2-Chair
C27- SALE! A$369
C27 - SALE! A$369
C2 - SALE! A$269                               D2 - Waiting Chair - SALE! A$459
 Available in many colours
Available in other colours
      Available in all black, brown with white side. (with matching Wash Basin BS1 and Waiting Chair D2)
C34 Cutting Chair
C34 - Cutting Chair Back
C1 - Gas Lift C1 - Gas Lift  
C34 - Front SALE! A$299
C34 - Back SALE! A$299
   C1 - SALE! A$199
Many colours available
Many colours available
   Colour as shown - Gas Lift Limited Stock
C36 - Salon Chair
C36 - Styling Chair
C36 - Front SALE! A$395
C36 - Back SALE! A$395
Trendy stylish design
(with matching waiting chair D6 and D7)
Available in other colours
CT2 - Red Stool ST3 - Seddle Stool with back ST2 - Seddle Stool
Saddle Stool with Zebra Print
ST1 - Cutting Stool Round Stool - Zebra Print CT8i Kids Chair
CT3 - available in black
    SALE! A$139 
 ST2 - Saddle Stool
in Black or White

SALE! A$89
 ST2 - Saddle Stool in Zebra Print
SALE! A$89
ST1 - Round Stool in Black
SALE! A$79
or in White
SALE! A$69
 ST3 - Round thick Stool in Zebra Print
SALE! A$95
CT8i - Round Chrome Stool
in Black or White

SALE! A$85
Kids Chair gas lift
   SALE! A$139
Kids Booster Cushion -
SALE! A$55
   BC7 BC9 BC8 Kids Booster Cushion
BC1                       BC3
                           BC5                          BC6                     BC7                           BC8                 BC9 Kids Booster Cushion with Seat belt
in Black, Brown or
Zebra Print(as shown)
SALE! A$55
    (some with Massage Functions as option)
Available in a range of colours
  eg: black, brown, green etc.
B12 - Barber chair BC11 - Barbar Chair BC11 - Barbar Chair
BC12 - Barbar Chair - Comfortable (reclinable)
 BC11 - Barbar Chair (up)
Available in Black or Brown
       BC11 - Barbar Chair (down) - Available in Black or Brown
SALE! A$439
SALE! A$399
         SALE! A$399
BC10 Barbar Chair - Top of Range
BC10 - Top of Range Delux model Barbar Chair with Massage Function Reclinable
BC13 - Barbar Chair (reclinable)
 SALE! A$980
*All Workstations are approx Size:200Hx75Wx30D All workstations are free standing! (apart from W3)
W25 W23a
W12 and W8                                                             
W6 - Single (Available Double)
W7 - Single (Available Double)
 W12 and W8 available in black or silver
200 x 75 x 30 (single)
200 x 75 x 30 (single)
 with bench, hairdryer holder and footrest(for W8)! (footrest-optional-W12)        
SALE! A$499
SALE! A$499
   SALE! $395
W8 - Workstations in Black or Silver
W5 WorkstationW1
W3 - other colours available
W8 - available in Silver or Black,
with bench, hair dryer holder on side and footrest!
                     W5 - available in black, silver, white or orange
200 x 75 x 9
200 x 75 x 30
                         200 x 75 x 30
SALE! A$249
SALE! A$395
                         SALE! A$395
W11 + W1 Workstations
W1 - available in Silver, Black or White
W11 and W1 Workstations
(in Black and Silver Mix as shown
     W2 - Single (Available Double)
200 x 75 x 30
200 x 75 x 30
            200 x 75 x 30 (single)
SALE! A$395
SALE! A$395
                   SALE! A$499


D6 - Waiting chair
D6 - Available in other colours - approx. 1.5 Metres
(with matching styling chair C36)
D4 - Waiting Chair (available in Black or other colours)
SALE! A$499
SALE! A$499
S7 - Available in White, Black and other colours D6 - Round Couch
D2 - Available in White, Black or Brown with white side. Round waiting chair - Available in Black or White or White/Lime green
152 x 60 x 81
SALE! A$459
SALE! A$149
Jap Waiting Chair S8 - 3 Seater Couch
D3 - 3 seaters - seat available in Black, Brown or White Cream with wood base
D3 - 3 seaters - seat available in Black, Brown or White Cream with wood base
144 x 46 x 50
144 x 46 x 50
SALE! A$499
SALE! A$499
D7 - Round Waiting couch D5D5
D7 - Round Couch, 4 Seaters. Approx. 1.3m diameters.
(with matching styling chair C36)
D5 - Cube Couch! Design you own combinations - 1 to as many seater as you can image! - available in many colour
SALE! A$599
SALE! A$279 each
D5 D5
D5 - Cube Couch!  Design your own combinations -
from 1 to as many seaters as you can image!
D5 - Cube Couch!  Design your own combinations - 1 to as many seaters as you can image!
Available in many colour
SALE! A$279 each
SALE! A$279 each


L1 L2 L4 L5
L1 - black
L2 - red
L3 - white
L4 - black
L5 - red
black L6 L9 L20-Green L10-Brown
L6 - black
L7 - silver
L8 - black
L9 - green
L10 - brown
L11-Orange L12 L8 L3 L14
L11 - orange
L12 - black
L13 - blue
L14 - yellow
L15 - green
L16 L17 L18 L19 L20-crocodile
L16 - chains
L17 - checked brown
L18 - checked white
L19 - animal
L20 - crocodile

Note: More colours available up on request.

Salon Chairs:

We sell high-quality salon chairs that are affordable, stylish and durable. Browse our wide collection of salon chairs that include shampoo chairs, dryer chairs, waiting chairs, and stools. All the chairs and stools we provide are available in different colors. Sets of matching chairs and stools are also available for sale on our website.  

We stock latest designs of salon furniture in Melbourne, Victoria which are trendy enough to go with the décor of your salon. We always update our inventory of furniture and equipment to match the latest industry styles and standards.

Each salon chair sold by us has a hydraulic base. Built and assembled by reputable manufacturers, these salon chairs provide ultimate comfort to your customers. We source these from reputable manufacturers after detailed research on their product quality and customer reviews. Whenever there is a need for repair, the manufacturers provide prompt assistance.

Being in the hairdressing industry for over 30 year, we can confidently say that we know our goods really well. All our salon chairs come with manufacturer’s warranty, which is a proof of quality in itself. You can choose from our wide range of offerings or you can customize your salon chairs with additional footrest and/or round or square base. Both ways, you will find our rates to be amazingly reasonable.

Do not settle for cheap, imported salon chairs. Count on Image Hair and Beauty for professionally designed chairs for your professional use. We have chairs for hair salons, beauty salons and barber shops. We will help you make a statement in the market with fashionable yet efficient designs.

Our fast delivery and quality of service make us a preferred choice of salon owners. Find out what’s new in our store, or contact us for any kind of assistance.